UNACQUAINTED MENTALITY ▫️ Exhibition Announcement

On view December '23 - January '24

A group exhibition with works by artists of various disciplines.




Julia Winter lived about twelve years in Workuta, at the North Pole, which inspired her to take on the artist name “Winter”. Originally from Moscow, having emigrated to The Netherlands, changing identities and learning about social and political differences - all this has been feeding Julia’s artistic consciousness.

Julia uses opposite worlds like the male and the female, the past and the present or guilt - innocence and transmutes them into a poetic visual works using layers of different media that are placed over and upon each other.

Julia explores the phenomenon of the portrait and how we perceive the other by using photographic images or images of older paintings. Often her works are 'double portraits' in which the first transparent image is mounted on glass or  acrylic glass whilst the second portrait is affixed to the underlying surface of the frame. This way we are looking through both layers and recognising a mash of two portraits. Walking from one end of the picture to the other, the two layers differ, depending on the angle from which we look at the underlying image. Furthermore, the reflection in the glass may well add our own reflectionto the mix of layers. Suddenly we seem to participate in the portrait and are challenged to look more closely.


The work of Jacobien de Korte consists of the artist’s recurrent motifs: facades, unknown hotel rooms, alleys at night and empty restaurants, a mediterranean balcony at night, saloon car. Houses, windows with curtains, that seem to be familiar, even comforting, and yet simultaneously unreachable and disorienting. A female silhouette in such a setting is enough to signal hope, doubt, intention, or desire. A bride in blinding sunlight stepping into a portal of black void is captivating your eye until you fill in the gap as you wish. Perhaps from your unconscious.

Jacobien de Korte is asking the viewer to look again at what they think they know, lending them a dream-like quality, reminding them of something they half-remember. Despite so many things to look at, despite the thickness of atmosphere in her photographs, de Korte has the economy of a minimalist.

Exhibitions: 2023 Architectural Venice Biennale, Italy

Solo exhibition UNTOUCHABLE, Viola Winokan Fine Art

2024 Pulchri Artist Society, The Hague, various group and solo exhibitions in France, Portugal, Italy, UK and Brazil. Since 2015 member of Pulchri Artist Society and De Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague.  

Jacobien holds various Awards for her photographic oeuvre, amongst which the Dutch Art Award Publieksprijs 2022 for her single work Veiled VII.


Inta Nahapetjan

Born in Yerevan, Armenia, artist Inta Nahapetjan lives and works in Amsterdam. After completing her study in Museology at the Reinwardt Academy, Inta turned to photography, and graduated Cum Laude from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in 2016.

Inta’s working method entails full control over the whole making process of a picture, from the styling, the art direction and the ultimate shot. Her artistic vision is fuelled by the restlessness of the ultimate quest: the one towards the understanding of beauty. 

Inta Nahapetjan on her most recent work: 

“For several reasons I have chosen to make a portrait with lobsters: their prehistorical appearance, astrological symbol which stands for femininity, sensuality and sensitivity and my nostalgic memories of the sea… The thought of creating stills was always on 

my mind and became a strong desire to create something fascinating with jewels and lobsters. I love lobsters for their spectacular appearance and astrological symbol which stands for femininity, sensuality and motherhood. I chose to shoot it with stunning vintage jewellery by Droomfabriek.”


Alex Reuter

Multidisciplinary artist, photographer and designer Alex Reuter lives and works in Berlin and is being represented by Viola Winokan Fine Art in Amsterdam.

Selected exhibitions: Galerie Cosmo in Tel Aviv, Israel; Villa Carmelo, Havana, Cuba; Galeria del'Accademia and Palazzo Rucellai, Florence, Italy; Paris Photo, photography fair; Photo London, photography fair.



Remi Wörtmeyer is a multidisciplinary artist whose paintings and sculptures showcase his expertise in combining the visual and performing arts, known for his sculptures / gold plated terracotta masks, sculptural jewellery and high-end couture handbags by the brand Maison Remi. His collection has featured in Vogue Paris, Harper’s Bazaar( Italy), Lifestyles (USA).

Selected solo exhibitions: “Debut Works”, 2014, Amsterdam, Casa Luna Studio; “Painted Works”, Gallery Zooo-Mooi, 2015; “Threads” and “United in Isolation: Sculptures”, Casa Luna, 2019 - 2020; “Just Keep Moving” Gallery Viola Winokan Amsterdam, 2020 / 2021

Born in Adelaide, Australia, Wörtmeyer started his dance career with the Australian Ballet (Melbourne) before joining American Ballet Theater (New York). He was invited to join Dutch National Ballet in 2010 and is ranked among the world’s top 100 dancers by Dance Europe. 

Awards: Critics’ Choice for best performance, Alexandra Radius Prize (NL), Walter Bourke Award (AUS), prizes at Dance Open (Russia), Excellence in Artistry & People’s Choice Award

Choreography for: Australian Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, ODD Continent, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and Moscow’s Benois de la Danse.

Design Collaborations with: Ronald vd Kamp/Sculptural jewellery, Paris Fashion Week; Paco Rabanne, G-Star.



Sarah Palmer

Australian born designer Sarah Palmer experience the cultures of the world, travelling to India, Africa, Asia and Europe as a child. The world of culture, colour, history and architecture fed her imagination and serves as inspiration in her designs today. Sarah studied the art of handmade footwear and went on to create hand-made, one of a kind pieces for private clients. Her desire to create the most intricate of creations led her to seek out a team of artisans in Italy, who could give her designs the ultimate in luxury finish.

With a love of embellishment and texture, Sarah finds inspiration in interior architecture of centuries past. The decadence of detail is juxtaposed with a rock ’n roll attitude that sees each creation exude personality and unique style.

Recognised in her first season as a designer to know by Footwear News, Sarah’s distinctive designs can be seen on the pages of various influential, international publications at the hands of the industrie leading stylists.




In de Jordaan zit de charmante galerie VIOLET+WILDE: een bron voor het verzamelen van zeldzame vintage foto's en unieke stukken van gevestigde kunstenaars, moderne fotoafdrukken en werken van opkomende hedendaagse fotografen. De missie van oprichter Viola Winokan is om van kunstliefhebbers kunstverzamelaars te maken. Vanaf nu tot en met eind januari 2024 is daar de groepstentoonstelling Unacquainted Mentalities te zien. Met werken van Jacobien de Korte, Inta Nahapetjan, Remi Wortmeyer, Alex Reuter, Julia Winter en anderen.



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