By Daleen Bloemers


Digital collage printed on semi matt paper


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Please note that all prints are sold unframed.
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About Daleen Bloemers

Daleen Bloemers lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands
 "I'm so happy to hear you're doing fine."

The uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what is going to happen. Sensing that something is wrong but not being able to lay one’s finger on it. That is what my work is about: the fear of the unknown. Using found footage and my own photography, I create new, often disconcerting compositions that take the form of photographic sculptures. In this way, I give form to my own uneasy presentiments.

During the process of my work I experience a certain freedom; one that doesn’t exist in everyday life. When I’m making work I can let go of the standards and values of the real world; in this freedom I am untied from my responsibilities. I am in a place where it’s just me and only me who can decide what’s going to happen. Can freedom be frightening?
Daleen Bloemers
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