Helmut Newton: "Hollywood" ▪️ Featuring Barbara Edwards
Helmut Newton: "Hollywood" ▪️ Featuring Barbara Edwards
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Helmut Newton: "Hollywood" ▪️ Featuring Barbara Edwards

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Vintage Silver Gelatine print, 1987

Unique piece, printed for “Playboy" 

Sheet size 25,5 x 20 cm

Framed size 42 x 37 cm

Note by the editor on reverse

Helmut Newton's vast oeuvre also includes portraits and cityscapes, but first and foremost one thinks of erotic women. The self-confident, long-legged, all eye-catching models appear independent and completely focused on themselves like Cynthia Brimhall in this work shot in West Hollywood.

In the 1980's and 1990's, Helmut Newton took portraits of a whole range of actors, directors and musicians in and around Hollywood for numerous magazines. In addition to these portraits, he also shot numerous nudes for Playboy in Los Angeles, where he spent the winter months with his wife June Newton, as a photographer know under the name Alice Springs. 


Playboy: Helmut Newton, Chronicle, 2005, Schirmer Mosel, image on p. 127.

PLAYBOY Magazine, September 1987