Sanja Marusic

At the age of fifteen, Dutch-Croatian Sanja Marušić (b. 1991) received her first camera. Only two years later, she has been accepted at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, from where she graduated with a Honourable Award in 2013. Ever since, Sanja as an independent artist, from time to time accepting commissions by renowned local and international newspapers, magazines and musicians.

How did you get into photography? Are you self-trained or did you study?
I began to photograph when I was 15. I started making self portraits on my way to school and built studios in my room. I began to post things online and I liked to receive responses to my work. 2 years later, I got into the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague to study photography.

What are you looking for when you step out into the day or night with your
I always look at the colors of the landscapes I work with, or the landscape's lines and structures. For example, I love hard light with sharp shadows and blue skies.

Do you impose any technical limits when you’re taking photographs? For
example, do you shoot in a special format, or limit yourself to black and white, or
colour? Why?
I always photograph in colour. I used to edit my photos to make them black and white, but in color, there's so much more to work with. You can tell stories only by the use of color. I think it is interesting to look which colors work well together and why. That for me is super exciting.

Are your photographs shot in an instant or slowly composed?
I work very fast, the magic or sparkle is there only for a short period of time for me.

Are you more drawn to interior or exterior spaces? Why?
Exterior! I always shoot outside. I am just very much in love with how natural places can be so different, there are so many different landscapes. But also the colors of nature; when I see a perfect green tree under a beautiful blue sky, it fascinates me. The same goes for when I am in the desert; the emptiness and desolate feeling of desert-like places is something I get attracted to, I get really inspired by that.

Photography exhibitions/Prizes

September 2017 till October 2017 – Solo exhibition at Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam
February 2017 – Group exhibiton with Rare Birds at Wynwood, Art Miami

September 2016- Group exhibition A Bad End Story, Berlin
July- Winner Eizo X GUP Magazine photography contest
May till June 2016- Group exhibition Gardening at Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam
May 2016- Amsterdam Art Fair with Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam
May 2016- Group exhibition with Mrs Mokum at the Volkshotel, Amsterdam

July 2015 – Group exhibition North Sea Jazz Festival with the Photograduates, Rotterdam

July 2015 – Group exhibition during Fashionweek Amsterdam, Floor 17, Amsterdam
June till Sept 2015 – Group exhibtion Alles Behalve Kleren, Museum Arnhem
June 2015 – Group exhibition Route du Nord with the Photograduates, Rotterdam

May 2015 – Group exhibtion with Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam Art Fair
April 2015 – Nominated for the Joke Veeze Award and exhibition, Fotofestival Naarden
February 2015 – Group exhibition Photo Graduates, WTC Gallery, Rotterdam
February 2015 – We Like Art, ART Rotterdam

Sept 2014 – Group exhibition Flatland Gallery, Unseen photofair, Amsterdam

June 2014 – Solo exhibition Place To Be, House Gallery, Amsterdam
January 2014 – Group exhibition Amfad, Amsterdam

September 2013 – Nominated in three categories, Photo Academy Award, The Hague
July 2013 – Winner kick off speach for Foam Lab’s Phototown, &Foam, Amsterdam
June 2013 – Received the honorable award for graduation project from KABK, The Hague
January 2013 – Group exhibition Moam &Foam, &Foam, Amsterdam
January 2013 – Group exhibition, Modefabriek, Amsterdam

September 2012 – Group exhibition during Museumnacht, Hoop, The Hague
July 2012 – Group exhibition, Modefabriek, Amsterdam
June till August 2012 – Group exhibition, Hotel Arena, Amsterdam
March 2012 – Group exhibition, Meneer Malasch, Amsterdam
January 2012 – Group exhibition ‘Strijd’, Hoop, the Hague
January 2012 – Group exhibition ‘778’, Keizersgracht, Amsterdam

September 2011 – Exhibition Andy’s Culture Market, Amsterdam
June 2011 – Exhibition Nuit Blanche, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

December 2010 – Second price photography contest Hollands Diep
Nov 2010 ‐ Exhibition Cafe Hofman , Utrecht

Sept 2009 – First price Elle Talent Call (fashion photography)