Martha Kamminga

Martha Kamminga (1990) is graduated in 2014 for her Bachelor Photography at AKV St. Joost Breda in the Netherlands. Her graduation project "Lapis // I want to return to the real world." was selected for the International Photo Festival Breda Photo 2014 and was shown in the new arts initiative Club Solo.
Her work was part of exhibition "The Silent Force" in gallery ArtDeli in Amsterdam and summer show "Forboding" in Sans gallery in Oslo. Her work was also selected for 'De Kracht van Rotterdam' edition 2015 and 'Young Art Night #7' at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. She presented her new work in October 2015 a solo exhibition at the Temporary Art Centre (TAC) in Eindhoven. After that she participated at the group-exhibitions such as "Show me what you want show" at Melkweg in Amsterdam, curated by Platvorm Platform, and at 'Van Gogh Mini's', curated by Cornel Bierens.
Martha asks herself al lot of philosophical questions about the concept of reality. She tries to get a grip on these questions through photographing her own created world, where surrealist characters deal in different ways with the reality. 
Showing that something is real
Showing that something is not real
Just pretend that something is real
Just pretend that something is not real 
"The concepts of reality, truth and illusion form the basis of my work - As a meta-artist I question the value of documentary photography. I wonder whether we can speak of one reality in which we live. 
Once you assume that creating your own reality is possible, the world seems to consist of all sub-realities and truths that are always deformable and on the move. In my work, I visualize my own reality and at the same time I reflect on the ways how reality can be transformed into something else. We are influenced in various ways; our perspective in situations, the media, our education, etc. What is the value of the concept of freedom in this? Nowadays, there is so much information available, how can people separate the fundamental from the side matters? How can we recognize the ‘essence’ of a greater whole?"
Martha Kamminga