Diego Slosse

“Anyone can take a great picture, but very few people can put together a great collection of pictures. This is my goal." - Alec Soth 

Diego Slosse

 Photography is a process of producing and exploring my fascination of nature and people. With this intent I always look for energy in light and subtle nuances to create my images.

In my images, I always try to look for connections between people and the interactions between man and nature. I identify with this theme because of the wanderlust of meeting new people and new places. This intrigues me because of the connections that occur while I take the image in a particular setting. As I travel to create this narrative, I’m looking for engagement; a mix between the personal and the social that communicates with other people.

My work is mainly poetic with a documentary and social-political touch. With my images, I try to reveal a story, and raise awareness amongst the viewer. Photography can be a tool to describe a reality that people don’t know. In that sense, I try to bring that reality or story to the viewer so that they have a better understanding of the world around them.

The main inspiration in my photography comes out of the interaction with people and nature. Artists such as Alec Soth, Ansel Adams, Robert Frank, etc. have contributed to my goal of becoming a photographer.

The act of taking the photo is just a document of what happened before the click. The hunt for the image, the people to portray, the conversation with yourself and others, setting up the 4x5” or 35mm camera; all of this adds to the meandering, the searching and the process of telling. 

How did you get into photography? Are you self-trained or did you study?
I have a Bachelor in Visual Arts/Photography from the Luca School of Arts in Brussels

Do you impose any technical limits when you’re taking photographs? For example, do you shoot in a special format, or limit yourself to black and white, or colour? Why?
I never limit myself.

Please describe where you live. What inspires you visually about the place?
When I lived in Belgium, I lived 20 minutes away from the sea. Water is a huge inspiration to me. Now I recently moved to Vancouver and I’m surrounded by bodies of water and mountains. Just looking at them inspires me. Going for a good hike in the mountains and take a dip in the lake is a huge source of inspiration for me. To feel grounded and one with the world.

Have you had any major influences in developing your photographic style? What other artists (visual or otherwise) and photographers have inspired you?
One of my biggest influences is Alec Soth. Other photographers like Robert Frank, Ansel Adams etc. have had a big influence on the photographs I create. Paintings of Jan van Eyck and Michael Borremans are also a big influence.

Are there any websites/magazines that you look at for inspiration? Do you visit galleries – if so, which ones and why?
Galleries, museums, websites, etc. are always a good source of inspiration.