The BredaPhoto Talent Selection

BredaPhoto is a leading international photo festival located in the Netherlands, exhibiting the work of over 70 photographers in both indoor and outdoor exhibitions through the city of Breda. VIOLET+WILDE has partnered with BredaPhoto to introduce the work of The BredaPhoto Academy Project participants under the title The Breda Photo Selection. 
The photographic biennial captivating themes are the work of Reinout van den Bergh, Geert van Eyck and Jan Schaerlackens, BredaPhotos three permanent curators. Their efforts to create an open platform for new and undiscovered talent can be seen through ongoing photo projects such as the International Talent Program and the Master Class.
The BredaPhoto Academy Project works with Photographic Academies worldwide to develop the talent of the latest generation of photography talent. Based on BredaPhoto's theme TO INFINITY AND BEYOND, students developed their photographic or cinematic projects and after several visits to the academies, BredaPhoto selected several promising students to participate in the BredaPhoto Talent Selection. 
The work of the Academy Participants is now available from VIOLET+WILDE.
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